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The most recent news
Another tiny update
I've just uploaded an update to the ChartBison project, this update includes:
* added favicon to front page and dashboard.
* fixed the news on the front page.
Tiny tiny update
I've been quite busy with the cozyuni frontpage. But i fixed a little buggy:
* the hints in the hint section below most pages in the dashboard still contained references to ChartBull, fixed this.

Nothing more, nothing less.
Only a few points
Today's update only contains a few small fixes:
* duplicating a symbol now also copies the color.
* changed the facebook url

It is good news that the amount of fixes decrease. This usually means that the project is ready for the big public.
Updating on Sunday
It was a lot of work but ChartBison is fully working again.
* pick color now shows hex code.
* added references to our twitter and facebook pages.
* the thumbnail of the chart in the chart list now correctly refreshes every time you change a chart.
* drawing on chart is now fully functional.
* a few tweaks here and there
Twitter and Facebook
I'm now on Twitter and Facebook!
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KISS: keep it stupid simple

ChartBison allows you to draw on an uploaded chart. Drawing tools include:

  • Trendline
  • Arrow
  • Rectangle
  • Fibonacci
  • Symbol
  • Text
  • User symbol
  • User text

These tools will give you a good overview of your trading environment. When you have good understanding of the environment you are trading in you can and will make better trading decisions.

Like a baby


Clean chart = overview

Sometimes it is difficult to plan a trade on a busy chart, for example the one you use to trade. Personally i found out that using an almost blank chart gives me a better overview and let me plan my trades better. Resulting me to become a better trader.

With ChartBison you can upload a blank (or almost blank) chart and by simply drawing a few lines you will get a better understanding when to trade and maybe even important: when NOT to trade.

Sell here?


Ask others and learn

Every beginning is difficult, especially when you're new to trading. Why not ask what other fellow traders think of your ideas? Simply upload a chart, draw a few lines/drawings illustrating your trading idea and post it on your favorite forum. And learn from the thoughts off other traders.

You can export the resulting chart to png format. This image can be posted on forums & blogs.

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Don't be sorry

You can use ChartBison anonymous, this will give you access to only a limited version.

When you Register (it's free) and Login you will have access to many handy features like:

  • Multiple charts
    never lose a chart again.
  • Custom text
    no more typing text, just click and select.
  • Custom colors
    put your favorite colors on a palette.
  • Custom symbols
    browsing through a huge list is fun, but you'll likely only use a few symbols.
  • Drawing templates
    don't start with a blank chart, save your drawings to a template and load them on a new or existing chart.
  • And more
    as always
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No worries, support is here

When you have a question or found a bug (it happens) than please post a message on our support forum:

ChartBison support forum

Suggestions are of course also welcome!

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You can of course also use the Private Message function on the support forum.